BlackBerry Can’t Keep Up; Waves White Flag to Other Companies

Remember the Two-Way?  Sky pager? Pagers?  Well, one of the originals of communication that managed to keep it going since then has had it.  They can’t seem to keep up with the androids and smartphones that manage to put out a newer model every two weeks.

BlackBerrys are manufactured and owned by Research in Motion Ltd.  RIM is falling behind with companies like Apple putting out 37 million iPhones in one quarter.  RIM is shipping far less than that for a whole year.  So, they’ve decided to cede to the other companies that have bypassed their production.

The funny thing is that BlackBerry wants to focus on the business community rather than consumers.  But if you can’t keep up with the demands of the people, what makes them think they can keep up with the business crowd?

Check them out here. The next thing we’ll hear is that they’ve decided to go into farming.

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