Pastor Beats Woman’s Children for Acting Up in Church (Video)

There has always been a certain protocol set before leaving the house with grandma and/or mama when going to church.  “Don’t scuff those shoes kickin’ on the back of the pew!” “Don’t embarrass me makin’ all that noise and squirmin’ around during service!”  “If you have to go to the bathroom, you better do it now!” “And so help me Lord, if you say one thing about Sister Betty’s wig, I’m gonna knock you into the middle of next week!”

Well, the threats before leaving the house normally work, but obviously not for all children.  One pastor in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, was told by one of his parishioners, a mother of two little boys 9 and 10, that they were acting up during Sunday service.  Well, the pastor said I will take them into my counsel.

He counseled them alright…with a belt!  He beat one of them so long he peed on himself.  The younger one was not beaten as bad.  The child went to the school nurse the next day and told on the pastor and the mother was outraged.  She thought they were counseled by 36-year old Pastor Daniel Smith.

Check out the full report at  The way he incriminates himself is priceless.

-J.C. Brooks

7 thoughts on “Pastor Beats Woman’s Children for Acting Up in Church (Video)”

  1. And this is why ppl should train and discipline their own children! Folks kill me going to the pastor for EVERYTHING…read your Word, the pastor is there for certain and particular things of the church, not to take over, what God has given you the permission, wisdom and understanding of the things that you should be doing as a parent. He has his problems and issues to deal with (as shown in this case), and he is NOT God…just the shepherd of God’s flock! SMH!!!

  2. Yeah, but hime being arrested and released on $8k bond would have not been enough justice for me. I would have went to tha church and spank the pastor like he stole something in front of EVERYONE!

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