Jokey Joke: Husband Stumps Blonde Wife with MPH Math Question (Video)

Husband stomps blonde wife with simple math question that goes viral on YouTube.

There are so many dumb blonde jokes out there that the man behind this video had to realize what this would look like.  ABC even aired the video of the couple and revealed that the wife didn’t appreciate being made a fool of with his silly video of her experiencing a little brain paralysis.

Here’s the scenario, a couple of married college students are on a road trip to her parent’s house in Boise, Idaho, and the husband asks what seems to be a simple question:

“If you’re driving at 80 MPH, how long will it take you to drive 80 miles?”

Well, that question completely stomped his wife.  She became a dumb blonde joke in seconds.  She surely broke out a can of whoop ass once he posted the video on YouTube and it garnered millions of hits.  But all she told ABC was that she was “pretty upset.”

But lo and behold, there’s a blonde that decided to take up for her and she has even more of a dumb blonde moment than this girl. Check them both out.  Have fun!

-J.C. Brooks

Another blonde girl takes up for her:

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