Jet Blue Captain Flips Out During Flight to Vegas (Video)

If you are afraid to fly, this story is not for you.  The captain is supposed to be the most level-headed and comforting member of the personnel servicing an airplane. The crew depend on him or her for their direction and the passengers their safety.  But what would you do if your captain came running out of the cockpit screaming something that includes: “Iraq, Al Qaeda, terrorism, we’re all going down!”

Pretty scary, right?  THAT’S AN UNDERSTATEMENT!  The whole flight would be in complete panic and mayhem!  But, looking at the video of the JetBlue flight to Vegas, the passengers are calm and others spring into action to tackle Capt. Clayton Osbon as he has a serious meltdown.

The New York Daily News reported that several passengers helped as one of the flight attendants yelled over the loudspeaker “Restrain him!”  One of those passengers was Anthony Antolino, 40, who gave a first hand account of the incident:

“As we were restraining him, pulling him away from the cockpit door, he was saying ‘We got Iraq, we got Afghanistan, they’re going to take us down too.”

This would’ve freaked me out!  But fortunately, there were cooler heads on board that see this kind of thing all the time…New Yorkers.  Check out the full story.

-J.C. Brooks

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