Sinead O’Connor Weighs in on Trayvon Martin Tragedy with Formal Letter

In 1992, Sinead O' Connor rips up a picture of the Pope during a Saturday Night Live protest against sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

Some may not remember a conscious singer by the name of Sinead O’Connor. She is a controversial singer of the 1980’s that came to stardom with the cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U”.  She has been known for her political activism and has even ripped up a picture of the Pope in protest against sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church during a Saturday Night Live performance. It was the rip heard around the world and the gesture, essentially, ended her career.  But as we can see today, she was right on point long before today’s media caught up.  After that incident, she faded into the shadow of the music industry.

She is back with a message to the world about the Trayvon Martin case.  The Ireland native, is incensed with the tragedy and how racism, bling and/or the “Get Rich or Die Trying” mentality is killing a powerful nation.  She begins the letter with  poignant, eloquent words about the beginning of civilization:

“EVERY human being on earth, no matter what their culture, creed, skin colour, or nationality, shares one gene traceable back to one African woman. Scientists have named it  ‘The Eve Gene’.  This means ALL of us, even ridiculously stupid, ignorant, perverted, blaspheming racists are the descendants of one African woman.

One African woman is the mother of all of us. Africa was the first world.  You come
from there! Your skin may be ‘white’.. because you didn’t need it to be black any
more where you lived. But as Curtis Mayfield said.. “You’re just the surface of our
dark, deep well”.  So you’re being morons. And God is having the last laugh at your
ignorant expense.”

She ends her essay with music and how important it is to keep it positive and get rid of all things negative like Gangsta Rap.  She makes a point about music being a key influence in our behavior. Check out her full letter here that was posted on Tavis Smiley and Cornel West’s site, Smiley and

One thought on “Sinead O’Connor Weighs in on Trayvon Martin Tragedy with Formal Letter”

  1. Right on Sinead!!! I have always respected her intelligence and political activism. You got more balls than most men! Much respect due.

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