President Obama Victim of Hot Mic During Convo with Russia (Video)

Are major figures and television personalities aware that mics can be on and listening to their every word at all times?  They are in the television business and aware of this, right?  The president is the newest victim of a live mic, but his remarks are thankfully not shocking.

President Obama met with Russian president, Dmitriy Medvedev in South Korea yesterday at the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit. Unfortunately, while President Obama tried to convey a personal thought to Medvedev off the record, it was recorded.  The remark came in a conversation about how the president would proceed with Russia in reference to “top-level negotiations over the defense missile system, a weapons program intended to protect Europe but strongly opposed by the Russians who believe it is aimed at them,” per a white house official to the Los Angeles Times.

The remark was:

“This is my last election.  After the election, I have more flexibility.”

Of course the president’s comments were immediately taken out of context by GOP candidates like Mitt Romney who said, “That is an alarming and troubling development.”  The president was merely conveying that this is an election year and little will get done in their negotiations.

Read the full report.  If you want to see the exchange between President Obama and Russian president Medvedev, view below.

-J.C. Brooks

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