Boston Massacre Trial Ends in Chaos with Not Guilty Judgement (Video)

A member of one of the families present during the Mattapan Massacre trial had to be taken out of the courtroom after hearing the verdict of not guilty, Thursday, March 22, 2012.

One Boston community is grappling with the decision of a judge and jury over the shooting deaths of  their loved ones.  In 2010, four people lost their lives during a drug robbery and those that were allegedly responsible were brought to justice…so the families thought.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

Two men, Edward Washington and Dwayne Moore, were arrested in the execution-style quadruple murder in what has been called the Mattapan Massacre of  “2-year-old Amanihotep Smith, who was found in the arms of his mother, 21-year-old Eyanna Flonory. Also slain were Flonory’s boyfriend, 21-year-old Simba Martin and 22-year-old Levaughn Washum-Garrison. The fifth victim, Marcus Hurd, survived the shooting but is paralyzed from the neck down.”

The incident is considered the most brutal murders in the city’s history because a toddler was killed in the arms of his mother and all victims shot at close range. In a month long trial that ended with seven days of deliberations, Washington was acquitted of all charges, but the judge called a mistrial after a deadlock jury on charges against Moore.

The courtroom erupted in screams and obscenities and a charge to the front of the courtroom by a family member of one of the victims.  Check out the disbelief of the verdict in the report below.  Unbelievable.

-J.C. Brooks

Mattapan quadruple murder trial ends with not guilty verdict :

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