Employers: ‘Give Up Your Facebook Password or Else!’ (Video)

Employers throughout the nation are getting more invasive with their applicants than ever before. All of the drug tests and background checks have been a normal procedure that most have grown accustomed to, but now employers are asking for passwords to social media sites.  Will society have to get used to the new requirements just as we had to get used to the others?

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is saying, “Hell no!”  Giving your Facebook password or any other password linked to social media sites is a definite invasion of privacy.  We reported the story on Robert Collins of Baltimore, Maryland, back in February 2011, when he was forced to give his Facebook password as a requirement to be reinstated in his position as a corrections officer.  But, since that time, the requirement has become a problem in the application process in other states.

The ACLU is stepping in to fight for Collins’ and other American’s rights to their privacy, according to CNN’s report. Some employers are trying to get around the invasion of privacy argument by asking that the applicant “friend” members of the company.  But, that is also asking too much.  Presently, Maryland and Illinois are the only states considering legislation that will ban this practice.  Check out what people are saying about this topic.

-J.C. Brooks

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