Reebok Forced to Pull ‘Cheat on Your Girlfriend’ Ad (Video)

If you are a cheater in your relationship, there is one major company out there in the world that supports you. They are promoting your fitness as well.  They want you to continue to stay fit, so you can pick up more women and offend and disrespect the one you call your girlfriend.  That is what cheaters do, right?

In Germany, Reebok wants to let you know that they support that lifestyle and are behind you all the way.  At least they DID support that lifestyle until someone’s girlfriend got whiff of their ad campaign:

“Cheat on your girlfriend, not your workout!”

Can you imagine if that campaign jumped off in America?  Let me not even go there because my head is hurting just thinking of that fiasco.  Luckily for Reebok they backed away from that campaign immediately saying that this is not a worldwide campaign.  We were just jokin’ around to see if the German’s had a sense of humor. (loosely translated)  Obviously not!, who acts like the show Cheaters by shaming those who have stepped out on their spouse or significant other, even wrote a chastising letter to the company to express their anger over the campaign.

Check out the report below.

-J.C. Brooks

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