Baltimore Suburban School Fight Goes Viral as Parent Fights Student (Video)

Student fights an unknown adult wearing a ski mask at his school in Columbia, Md.

The school yard fights used to be a little walk around one another with a threat to fight, then either a few windmills or a couple punches and it’s over.  There was never any footage of the fight later that is obviously needed now because people have died in what was supposed to be a simple fight.  In this instance, the man was hit so hard, he seemed like he was dead.

On Wednesday, Long Gate High School in Columbia, Maryland., was the site of a fight that went viral on WorldStar HipHop with over 600,000 hits.  The report on what actually happened is still a bit sketchy, but it seems a girl’s father came up to the school to fight one of the students over a lunch room fight where students were throwing french fries, according to one administrator.  But she still could not be certain and the incident is being investigated.

Check out the video.  According to the Baltimore Sun, the 15-year old student will not be charged because he was defending himself.  It has already been determined that the adult wearing a ski mask, threw the first punch.  The girl or daughter of the man is being charged with assault.

-J.C. Brooks

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