Black Teenage Witness Gives Chilling Account of Trayvon Martin’s Murder (Video)

Austin, 13, give his account of what happened the night of Trayvon Martin's murder and wonders if he could have prevented it. (Photo: Joshua Cruey, Orlando Sentinel)

There have been many stories about the 911 tapes of the night of Trayvon Martin’s murder.  The accounts from the witnesses peering through their windows and those who heard his cries for “help” are still echoing in our hearts and minds.  But, one account, from the Orlando Sentinel,  that was not on a 911 tape was that of a black teenager who was shaken by the night he saw Trayvon’s body laying on the ground in front of him.

Austin, 13, was out walking his dog the night of Martin’s tragic end.  He thought deeply about the night’s incident in his account, saying:

“What if I would’ve went over there if the person still would’ve got shot…Sometimes people get stereotyped and I fit into this stereotype of the person who got shot.”

Austin’s account is disturbing because we feel his pain as he speaks about the incident in a quiet monotone voice that bears the tone of the burden he feels.  He not only sees himself laying on that same ground, but his feeling that he may have been able to prevent this tragedy is heart wrenching.

Our hearts go out to him for what he experienced and what continues to rattle him.  There’s no way he should feel in any way accountable for the events of that night. God bless you, Austin!  Check out his video below.

(retraction:  in the first story written, we referred to the young man in the video as Joshua Cruey, who is the videographer not the young witness, Austin.  His name has been changed in the story to correct our mistake.)

-J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “Black Teenage Witness Gives Chilling Account of Trayvon Martin’s Murder (Video)”

  1. ..look this could be have been any blackmale of 17 years old of age in fla., “stand your ground” hideous gun law of NO accountability(because a a DEAD PERSON.. can’t talk..can Trayvon Martin tell his story? Huh?-HELL NO! the Sanford fla., police dept., took the position of the shooter statment and played judge and jury.. that is a cover up and everyone KNOWS THIS od SOUND MIND..)

    Trayvon Martin was murdered by the hands of racist -race based thinking idiot who was not a policemen ans should NEVER have a gun PERIOD..and he was allowed to keep his 9MM gun AFTER THE SHOOTING..and if the situation was a real policeman–that policman would have to turn over his weapon for logistics testing and the policman would put on administrative LEAVE even if the shooting was legit..)..

    ..this shooter was allowed to keep his 9mm pistol and go on with his life ..after he took a life for NO REASON.. when did the kid attack him? WHEN? after the shooter attacked him FIRST so the victim was defending himshelf from his attacker.. he was running from this shooter.. and the shooter found him put his hand on this kid.. the kid was the ONE defending himshelf from his attacker..and the shooter murdered this kid.. and THAT’s FLORIDA for you..

    ..its a hideous RACE BASED crime and the state of Florida and namely that police chief of Sanford fla.,.. Trayvon Martin’s bloos is all over you.. just remember that..and I hope you can NEVER sleep at night..

    ..and so the shooter is in hiding because he’s a COWARD because he KNOWS he murdered this kid needlessly and lawlessly and had NO right to even SAY anything to this kid let alone touch him….and used a horrendus gun law of no hid behind.. he’s a racist COWARD/LIAR! Who thinks he is white..when he is a minority himshelf a hispanic.. a 250 pound P&G.. who went after a 140 pound kid who had a future ..excellent in school.. and a football star in school..

    Families and parents need to think about this incident in that regard to their teenagers .. this could have been any of their kids.. shot them and make up a story later to justify a murder obvisously..

    Shame on Fla., and the people(police chief) who closed this case without listening to the witnesses who refuted the shooter’s story of LIES..

    ..but there is a GOD and justice will prevail one way or another.. we have cell phones and -911 tapes.. and witnesses that will PROVE the shooter set this up to shoot and murder this young kid of which he wanted to do-who this kid had a promising future..(listen to the 911 tapes the shooter made to the police dispatcher)… and the fact that the victim was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time when the shooter atacked the victim who was defending himshelf..and was shot by the shooter.. who said it was shelf defense..(LIAR)..

    I hope he BURNS in HELL-ZIMMERMAN.. you’re hispanic not white(although some of you hispanics come to america and THINK you’re white you’re not -remembr this because when its all said and done you can’t hide from who you’re really are-this is AMERICA and if you’re not 100% you will never be considered white in reality.. just remember that you murdering racist P^G!(Zimmerman)

    Justice For Trayvon Martin! Wear your HOODS and send a box of skittle to

    Sanford Fla.,
    Chielf of Police

  2. George Zimmerman is a serial killer. I dub him the SS Killer — Stalk and Shoot.

    His preparatory calls to the police in advance of this premeditated killing set the stage for him to be the victim. This is typical of serials…to make the prey become the culprit and make themselves seem like innocents.

    Zimmerman knew that he could “sell” killing a hoodied teen to the authorities, and maybe even get to be seen as a hero. This again is typical of serial killer thinking.

    You can let Zimmerman go…but he will Stalk and Shoot…again.

  3. My heart goes out to this young man. We all have moments of “what if”. He did nothing wrong it is Zimmerman that should feel guilty. Trayvon’s blood is on his hands and I hope this guilt eat him up, everytime he close his eyes he should replay that evening over and over. God bless you Joshua Cruey.

  4. the kids name is AUSTIN. it says at the beginning of the video. the person who filmed it is joshua cruey. please get your facts straight.

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