Poll Finds Gas Prices Won’t Change America Until $5 or More is Reached

America! Are you tired of rising gas prices?  Last week, the gas was $3.22 this week it’s $4.  What is going on?  What will be the breaking point for America?  The latest info suggests that prices will cripple us before we stop spending at the pump and at Macy’s.

According to Time Magazine, the latest gallup poll shed a shocking light on the action that Americans are taking or will take as gas prices rise. The participants in the survey were asked how their life would be affected in the following gas price categories: Under $4; $4 – $4.99, $5 – $5.99, $6 – $6.99, $7 – $9.99, and $10 and up.

The pollsters came to an agreement around $5.30 to $5.35 that then, and only then, they would have to cut back.  According to Gallup:

“there is room for a considerably greater increase in gas prices before Americans say prices will begin to have widespread, serious consequences on their spending and lifestyle patterns.”

Who agrees with this foolishness?  There are plenty of people cutting their food budgets and sitting in the dark to afford to get back and forth to work every day with gas prices at just before $4 per gallon.

Read more of the foolishness the pollsters came up with here. According to them, only 17% of the respondents said that “they would feel forced to cut back in spending in other areas” before we hit the $4 mark!

-J.C. Brooks

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