Energy Drink Claims the Life of Teenager (Video)

Anais Fournier, 14, lost her life to two cans of Monster Energy Drink, consumed in one day in December.

It seems strange that the FDA would approve drinks to be sold in stores that are so lethal they could claim the lives of loved ones.  The alcohol-caffeine induced drinks like Joose and Four Loko claimed the lives of teenagers, but now we have an energy drink that is doing the same.

According to the Today show, 14-year-old Anais Fournier, drank two 24-ounce Monster energy drinks “while hanging out with her friends at the mall.”  The next day she went into cardiac arrest and only six days later she was gone.  The Maryland teenager had a heart defect, but the incident still raises an eyebrow as to Monster’s potency.

Fournier’s mother Wendy Crossland, stayed by her bedside every day until her death.  She leaves behind a twin brother and sister that will miss her dearly.  Now, the FDA has to answer some vital questions for this family on its lack of regulation over these types of drinks.  While they regulate the caffeine in sodas, they do not regulate the caffeine levels in these drinks because they are defined as dietary supplements.

Be careful parents and pay attention to labels on drinks that your children are drinking.  Please watch this report where they reveal that the two cans Fournier drank had 480 mgs. of caffeine, equivalent to 14 sodas.  Please watch below.

-J.C. Brooks

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3 thoughts on “Energy Drink Claims the Life of Teenager (Video)”

  1. In the health and nutrition world, we have many choices of beverages. We also have much mis-information too.

    It is a sad story to read this story about a young teenager. We as the role models for our children.

    We need to keep them educated on the dangers of health related problems with
    these Energy Drinks….Monster, Red Bull…and others.

    No alcohol can be combined with any of them.

    Look for naturally healthy drinks instead….

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