Wisconsin Fireman Is New Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor (Video)

The Wisconsin government has been crippled with controversy since they made national news in February 2011, with protesters filling the streets of Madison, Wisconsin over Republican Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to remove the unions’ power by stripping employees of their collective bargaining rights.  The collective bargaining rights are the only thing that employees have to maintain job security and other elements of their employment conditions in a fair shake between employee and employer.

Walker claimed that his “budget repair bill” was going to close the $137 million deficit in the state, but all it did was cause Democratic senators to flee the state to prevent his legislation from being passed, protesters to storm the state’s capitol, and now a demand of his head via recall by more than one million signatures on a petition to have him ousted.  And recently, a judge denied his request to have the recall delayed.

The lieutenant governor spot is also under fire and a couple democratic candidates are ready to move in on Rebecca Kleefisch’s spot with June’s election.  Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin President Mahlon Mitchell is officially throwing his hat in the ring as a “first responder” to Wisconsin’s political state of emergency.

Mitchell, 35, is a fire department lieutenant that has served nearly 15 years on the Madison fire department.  He has been quite vocal regarding Walker and Kleefisch’s inability to functionally run the state and Walker’s attempt to take away public workers’ collective bargaining rights.  Meet Mahlon Mitchell below.  If you haven’t heard of him, you will begin to hear his name more and more as Wisconsin’s primaries arrive in May.

-J.C. Brooks

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