TSA Now Accepts $100 to Bypass Their Lines

Are you on your way to the airport?  If so, are you running to the airport at the last minute again? Well, take your time my friend!  New, but old, safety practices at the airport are going to be available for you when you get there….that is (looking over my shoulder) if you have an extra $100.

According to the Wall Street Journal, TSA IS NOW ACCEPTING BRIBES TO GET YOU THROUGH THE LINE FASTER!  Just joking, but they are taking money to expedite the process.  The report states that if they are paid $100, then the customer can walk through a metal detector and be on their merry way.  No taking off your shoes, jewelry, getting the full body scan, nothing!  Sounds great right?  Now, here’s the fine print:

“To qualify, frequent fliers must meet undisclosed TSA criteria and get invited in by the airlines. There is also a backdoor in. Approved travelers who are in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s “Global Entry” program can transfer into Precheck using their Global Entry number.”

There’s always a catch!  So, basically, airlines are keeping a list of who’s been naughty or nice and recommending the nice folks for this “Pre-Check” program, then they extend them an invitation. Currently, there are only two airlines and nine airports participating, but maybe if you know the captain on another airline, he’ll let you bring more than 4 ozs. of liquid onboard.  The program is worth that little perk alone!

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-J.C. Brooks

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