The New iPad is Unleashed (Video)

The latest technology is going to start a worldwide riot to the stores.  We saw the Japanese go into riot mode when the iPhone 4S hit stores and there were not enough for the people.  Some countries have to enter a lottery to get the coveted new gadget.

The latest iPad went on sale in the U.S. at 8am EST.  Some places in China do not have access to the unit, thus the lottery for pick-up in Hong Kong:

“In Hong Kong, a steady stream of buyers picked up their new devices at preset times at the city’s sole Apple store after entering an online lottery. The system required buyers to have local ID cards to help thwart attempts by visitors from mainland China, where the device isn’t on sale yet.”

Some have just bought an iPad a couple months ago or so and now it’s already updated.  Are you mad with the speed that these gadgets are hitting the market and antiquating your device overnight?  It’s technology overload!  But iPads aren’t the only gadgets that are  putting brains in a tizzy, the cell phone industry makes more phones than underwear.  There’s a new version of the phone almost the moment it’s purchased.

Read here to see the worldwide mania for the new iPad.  Get advice about the new iPad and all its new advantages for “power users” in the video below.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “The New iPad is Unleashed (Video)”

  1. Apple stop robbing your loyal and faithful customers. Technology could not possiblly change this quickly overnight.. Why not put ALL of your improvements in ALL at once. This is ridiculous. Luckily, you have a demographic that does not mind getting robbed.

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