Mother Puts ‘I’m A Thief’ T-Shirt on Shoplifting Daughter (Video)

Aaroneisha Celestin is sentenced by her mother Danaka Walker, to wear a unique t-shirt that notified the public that she is a "thief."

The world would be a much better place if there were more parents that used their unique tactics of discipline for their children.  The laws are working against the old school parents, so lately parents have been getting smarter about how they choose to deal with their children’s behavior problems.

One mother, Danaka Walker, was forced to pick up her daughter, Aaroneisha Celestin, froma juvenile detention center because she was caught shoplifting.  Walker immediately got creative and made a t-shirt for her daughter that said:


Walker is a single mother because her husband was killed in 2006.  And as a single parent, she refuses to be humiliated or lose her children to the streets simply because she’s doing it alone.  No way!  She rose to the occasion and no matter how embarrassed her daughter felt, the t-shirt is a new staple in her wardrobe until she can do better.

Stand up for Ms. Walker!! Hats off to you!  Check her out!

-J.C. Brooks

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7 thoughts on “Mother Puts ‘I’m A Thief’ T-Shirt on Shoplifting Daughter (Video)”

  1. I disagree with this type of punishment. What did she REALLY learn. It was embarrassing to wear the t-shirt, or there are consequences (no where near the embarrasment of wearing a t-shirt) to unsavory behavior? I mean really “PARENTS” ?

  2. yeap, tough love…we just can’t give up on our kids…i think that is what some people would like to see. therefore we need to be resourceful…do what you have to do…my grandchildren think i am crazy…i tell them and have done it enough times, that they beleive i will spank their butts and go to jail…I haven’t gone to jail..but i have spanked their butts at sch., at walmart, the hospital, church…until they are beleivers.I say do what works for you…but do not give up on your child..

  3. I am tired and disgusted with these stories of people parading their kids all over the net because they disciplined them. And they really have not done that. Embarrassment is not discipline. And on top of it all it shows is the opposite. You look as stupid and as bad as your kid.

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