200 Elephants Slaughtered in Cameroon Reserve

The preservation of the world’s animals is paramount to the culture of our world.  The ecosystem cannot properly work for us without certain elements present.  Poachers rob us of the animals that give so much to us like elephants.  The elephants are sacred in India and other areas of the world.

According to MSNBC, 200 elephants have been slaughtered in Cameroon since January.  That is half of the population in Cameroon’s Bouba N’Djida reserve.   There were too little security forces sent to defend the elephants from poachers, per the World Wide Fund for Nature said in the report.

It is an absolute shame and a real problem throughout Africa right now.  The poachers are not being dealt with fast enough, yet rangers have started using bloodhounds to find them because just last week 20 elephants were slaughtered in the reserve.

Read here to see how much of a problem the poachers have become since Asia has amped up production of items like ornaments and jewelry that use ivory.

4 thoughts on “200 Elephants Slaughtered in Cameroon Reserve”

  1. Terrible. I am sure they could be caught in customs..Just wait for them there.

  2. The poachers should be hunted down with dogs and shot on sight. There has to have been corruption for this level of slaughter.

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