OBAMA IS BACK…It Begins (Video)

The campaign trail has been mere entertainment for the people up to this point.  But as President Obama prepares to hit the road and gear up for campaigning, the air is still and serious politics take the place of the sideshow of GOP and Tea Party antics.

Our president has taken the time to assemble a documentary that sets the stage for his return to the race.  That’s right! He’s back and he’s setting his record straight!  The GOP has been able to get away with too many lies for too long.

Tom Hanks narrates the documentary that details the president’s first term in office and the hand he was dealt in 2008.  According to the documentary, except for Teddy Roosevelt, no other president has had as much dumped in his lap.

The documentary details the items the president marked off his list thus far: job reform, car industry bail out, healthcare bill passed for the first time in nearly 100 years, the troops return home, and the take down of Osama bin Laden after a mere eight month operation.

The man is bad! And he’s back for another 4 years!  Even former President Clinton said when talking about the take down of Osama:

“He took the harder and the more honorable path.  When I saw what had happened I thought to msyelf, I hope that’s the call I would’ve made.”  Check him out!

-J.C. Brooks

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