Congressman Seeks Bailout for Detroit

The U.S. is having a hard time.  We know that.  But, some cities have been hit by the economic downturn more than others.  Gulf states were gripped with an oil disaster, California has its natural disasters with earthquakes and brush fires, but Michigan’s disaster was man made and bailing out the Big Three doesn’t suffice and is oftimes confused with bailing out Detroit.

But Michigan congressman Hansen Clarke seeks to change all of that.  Detroit is in dire straits and have been for some time.  In fact, it has experienced the highest unemployment rates in the country with just a mere mention in stories about the country.  According to the Huffington Post:

“Clarke said he intends to work with other members of Detroit’s delegation in Congress and expects broad support from Democrats. He pointed to support for his Detroit Jobs Trust Fund Act, introduced last year, among Democrats and some Republicans, including Rep. Candice Miller. The bill would allow Detroit to retain federal income tax paid by its residents, and had drawn 31 cosponsors as of December.”

The city is eyeballing a $200 million deficit and in December when unemployment for Michigan fell to 9.8%, the Detroit unemployment rate was still at 11.2%.  Clarke has been a crusader for the city’s budget for some time and hopefully this time, he will be heard.  Read more here.

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