Tide Detergent Hits the Black Market?

Patrick Costanzo, 53, hits the shelves hard for $25,000 worth of Tide over the last 15 months.

Everyone likes clean clothes.  Nothing like that fresh smell emanating from someone’s clothes.  It just makes for a better day.  Some of us are so excited about having fresh clean clothes that we’re willing to get our detergent on the black market.  But not just any detergent, “liquid gold!”

Yeah, that’s right!  That clothes crack called Tide is hot like fire on the streets and the crooks are getting nabbed, according to ABC News.  Near Minneapolis, Patrick Costanzo, 53, has been caught “stealing more than $25,000  worth of the product over the course of 15 months.”  But in addition to the coveted detergent, he took toilet tissue, paper towels and soda.

West St. Paul, Minnesota police department investigator, Sean Melville, told reporters:

“It’s like he put the pieces in there like Tetris pieces. He maximized that cart, there’s no wasted space…There’s no way he can be using,” said Melville. “I hope for his own sake he’s not using that much toilet paper everyday.”

Maryland is another hot spot for theft.  A man and his accomplice were caught on tape stealing the detergent and selling it at a nail salon.  But police in Prince George’s County, Md., also caught an 18-person retail theft ring.  (Some of your favorite boosters were caught up in that one.)  The thefts have gotten so bad that CVS has started putting  individual security locks on the product.

Okay, sorry to interrupt the report, but IS THIS STUFF THAT GOOD?! Folks are taking their life in their own hands just to get a chance at providing optimal stain removal?  No…not really.  In some cases, the thieves are trading this stuff for crack.

Check out the report below.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Tide Detergent Hits the Black Market?”

  1. Not news. This has been going on for decades. Maybe this thief should wear the t-shirt Danaka Walker is making her daughter wear in an attempt to disuade her from stealing.. However, I am glad the “poacher” has been nabbed. Now maybe the cost of TIDE can go down. I can no longer afford to buy the family size because it’s over $20 bucks.. WTHeck!

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