Encyclopedia Britannica Has Come to an End After 244 Years (Video)

At one time in America’s history, encyclopedia salesmen would travel door-to-door and sell their wares.  Parents would scrape together their pennies to make the substantial investment of paying the small fortune that the volumes cost.  The books were a symbol of academic stature and class in the home and were coveted by students everywhere.  If you had the books, that’s where everyone would come to study.

But unfortunately, the books are a thing of old.  Since the inception of the Internet, the books lost their value as Britannica took to the new technology like fish to water.  The books that have been updated and printed bi-annually for nearly two and a half centuries has decided not to print this year, making the 2010 volumes their last.

The company sees less than one percent in profit from their books which makes it a no-brainer in ending that division of the company.  The company has been predominantly relying on their online portal to their reputable factoids.  Check out the CNN report below on the end of the iconic tomes.

-J.C. Brooks

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