AT&T Threatens to Shut Off Service to Customer that Sued

The major cell phone companies are not offering a whole lot with their supposed claims of unlimited this and unlimited that.  In fact, some customers are so outraged by the lack of follow thru on their promises that they have sued…and won!  Even the judge is pissed off with his cell phone service too.

According to the Huffington Post, Matthew Spaccarelli sued AT&T and received $850 in small claims court.  The unlimited data package they claimed to offer was only good until he reached a certain level of service that approached that unlimited … limit.  Once that level was reached, he experienced a slow-down of the service.

The report found that AT&T was wrong and Spaccarelli had blown the cover off AT&T’s practices:

Late last year, AT&T started “throttling,” or slowing down data service for “unlimited” subscribers once they reached the top 5 percent of data users in their area. The slowdown, which makes a phone difficult to use for anything but calls, texts and some emails, lasts until the end of the subscriber’s billing cycle.

Spaccarelli wants to see more people sue the company and possibly combine forces in a class action lawsuit.  Check out the full report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. LOL, I wondered why my carrier FLAT out named AT&T in one of their ads. Too funny.

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