Video of Couple’s Entire Pregnancy Goes Viral (Video)

If you’re thinking of a way to tell your little children how babies are made.  All it takes is a kiss on the belly and the seed is planted.  Isn’t that a beautiful way to tell the children? Well, one couple went further than merely telling a story, they took a video of it all to show their child one day.

The video journal of the couple’s relationship, then the “conception” and the delivery all happens in less than two minutes.  This delivery is one that most men would welcome being a part of rather than the more gory version.  Little Amelie Amaya comes into the world like lightning!

This video is the cleanest birds and the bees version of relationships and pregnancy ever seen.  This might help with all the questions little girls have when they start playing with their dolls and asking all the questions they have about belly buttons and babies.  Enjoy.

-J.C. Brooks

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