Teenager Killed by Neighborhood Night Watch Captain

Trayvan Martin, 17, killed by neighborhood night watch captain, George Zimmerman, 28, has yet to have his murder brought to justice.

Having security for the neighborhood is high up on the priority list for community associations. But, until now, we hadn’t heard of any block captains or night watch captains toting more than a flashlight to carry out their duties.  The latest tragedy occurred because the night watch captain brought a 9MM to a fist fight.

The night of February 26, Miami-Dade resident Trayvan Martin, 17, was merely making a “snack run” in his father’s fiance’s neighborhood where he was visiting her and his stepbrother.  Then all of a sudden, his life is the center of an investigation because he’s a young black man walking around in a white neighborhood. The over zealous block captain, George Zimmerman, 28, calls 911 and reports a “suspicious” person.  But instead of waiting for authorities to show up and leave Martin alone, as he was instructed, Zimmerman begins to scuffle with Martin and shoots him in the chest.

Has Zimmerman been brought in for the boy’s death?  No.  It is quite strange that he hasn’t been brought to justice seeing as how police are in possession of a tape that incriminates him.  As you can just about guess, the family, especially the father, Tracy Martin, is in complete shock and wondering what is the hold up on Zimmerman’s arrest.  Martin said to reporters:

“I had a detective look at me in the eye; tell me he is a dad, that he is in pain and that he would bring us justice,” said the teen’s father, Tracy Martin. “He started off on the wrong foot. He lied.”

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