Poor and Homeless Young Man Makes Good with Published Novel ‘Nameless’

Author Kyle Chais, 20, motivates others with his heartbreaking journey to becoming an author.

There are so many barriers in front of our dreams that sometimes we forget the dream and ride the barriers.  Things get so difficult that we just stop trying and give in to the obstacles.  But, one young man kept pushing because he figured he had seen the bottom, so everything else must go straight to the top.

According to The Root, the young man, Kyle Chais, 20, decided one day that he was going to change his own circumstances.  Chais and his mother lived in Flatbush, Brooklyn and they were living in deplorable conditions where Chais says he was often “jumped.”  He and his mother lived amongst the drug dealers and gang members in a place that was  nicknamed, “Castle Hell.”

But Chais said his mother exposed him to different things and broadened his horizons even though she had little money.  She was a single mother and trying her best to save her son through education, arts, and different cultures.  Between the ages of 12 and 14, they were homeless.  But still, despite the obstacles, he decided to do something with his life and fulfill his dream of writing a book.  The book titled “Nameless” was published on Simon & Shuster.  Ironically, the book is not autobiographical, but a fantasy novel about a demon fighting for survival.

He is clearly a role model and young people can feel inspired by his story to chase after their dreams and succeed knowing that he had many more obstacles blocking his path.  Read more on his amazing journey here.

-J.C. Brooks

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