Indian Woman Leaves Her Husband for a Toilet

The bathroom has never been more important than when you don’t have access to one.  We see impoverished areas of other countries and feel for the people that don’t have toilets. But one household is not in an impoverished area at all, they simply didn’t want a toilet.  Well, the husband didn’t want a toilet and that caused some division…so to speak.

In a village in central Madhya Pradesh, India, one couple, Anita Narre and her husband Shivram separated because the husband refused to put a toilet in the house.  The home is a modern futuristic home shaped, ironically, like a toilet.  It appears that plenty of resources are available for the couple to have a toilet in the house, but it’s an Indian belief that toilets are “dirty to have in their homes,” according to the Mary Sue report.

The woman started a revolution by separating from her husband and sticking to her sanitary values.  She wasn’t raised like that Shivram!  She is not a bear and she was tired of going in the woods.  She finally came out and told her husband “C’MON SON! We have GOT to get a toilet in here or I walk!”  And she did.  She has returned since her husband installed a toilet and more women are joining the bandwagon.

Only one third of India’s population, 366 million, have access to proper sanitation which causes $54 billion in health related issues.  Read more here to see the couple’s home and how much of a difference one woman made by standing up for her toilet!

-J.C. Brooks

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