The National Hockey League Reaches Out to Black Students (Audio)

Hockey is one of those sports that black men do not represent in so well.  There are very few African American men that are either playing or interested  in playing hockey.   But whether the interest is there or not, there is a rising interest in black males and one organization is recruiting from historically black colleges and universities (HBCU’s).

National Public Radio sat down with Johnny C. Taylor Jr., who is the head of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to find out the details of  a partnership between the fund and the National Hockey League.  The NHL is committed to diversifying the league.  There are presently only 33 African Americans and/or Afro Canadians in the 700-member league.

Mr. Taylor told NPR that initially, he wasn’t interested because he thought the idea strange and that young black men were not playing the sport, but also the colleges and/or universities do not have the facilities to support the endeavor.  The collabortion will include a scholarship which offers the student a full academic scholarship.

They are aiming for a launch of the Hockey is for Everyone initiative in 2013.  Check out the report below.

-J.C. Brooks

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