Woman Voluntarily Goes Homeless to Face Fears (Video)

Te-erika Patterson, 32, voluntarily lives on the streets and documents her struggles for her "Rebuild Your Life Project".

Do you know a person that is so selfless they’ll give you the shirt off their back?  Well, there’s someone out there that is willing to give up her whole life.  She gave up her home, grad school, her kids, to live on the street and become a resource for other women that need to face their fears and get on with their lives.

Te-erika Patterson, 32, a Miami native living in Hollywood, Florida, has two young boys, 9 and 11, a home, two jobs…a life.  But one day, she decided that she would put all of that aside to show women that it is possible to rebuild their lives, thus the name, the “Rebuild Your Life Project.”  So, as she tackles the challenges of her new life living on the street, she tapes them and posts them on YouTube in an effort to be a resource for homeless women and those who have lost their path due to fear.

Ok! Sounds honorable.  But, first, where are the homeless women with laptops and iPads watching her on YouTube?  And, how do you stop raising your two young sons for this type of sacrifice?  What is it teaching them?  According to WZAK Cleveland, her mother and sons supported her taking her chances on the street, but what must be running through their minds?

She knew her “project” would be difficult or else she wouldn’t have done it, but when she was sexually assaulted on the street, the level of difficulty and reality of the situation became more clear.  But she still  hasn’t given up.

But, where is the project going? Her difficulties are temporary.  The people that she’s trying to help are enduring their involuntary situations without a safety net.  She has a bachelor’s degree, is an author and journalist, and according to her, she simply wanted women to see the liberation of spirit that causes women to rebuild their lives when they face their fears.

There’s a lot more to her project though.  She’s raising funds to start a foundation for her work.  Check her out below, but read more of the details here.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Woman Voluntarily Goes Homeless to Face Fears (Video)”

  1. This woman is just trying to put herself “On the map” so to speak. Her life as a journalist was a struggling one, so she resorted to doing this stupid thing. Sure she gave up her home, her kids, but she probably planned it all out that these things in her life are merely on the back burner while she tries get get a name for herself. I bet she has money in the bank or stashed away somewhere…how many homeless people do you know that have something substantial tucked aside for when they just had enough of homelessness.
    Sincerely, CAW The Homeless Man.

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