ANOTHER Michiganier Hits Lottery and Continues to Collect Food Stamps

Amanda Clayton of Lincoln Park, Mi., collects food stamps and a $1 million lottery.

The financial state of affairs in Michigan are dismal to say the least.  But they still have a lottery system for those who want to try their luck.  And so far, it has worked out big for the state’s residents.  Another Michigan resident has hit the lottery, but the big winner is also a welfare recipient…and continues to collect her food stamps.

Amanda Clayton of Lincoln Park, a Detroit, Mi., suburb, has hit the state’s lottery for $1 million dollars, yet she continues to collect food stamps, according to the Huffington Post.  And she is not the first.  We reported back in May 2011, when Leroy Fick of Auburn, Mi., another Detroit suburb, hit for $2 million and retained a lawyer who assured him that it was perfectly legal for him to continue to receive his food stamps.

Clayton receives $200 per month in food stamps.  The report did not state whether she had any children.  Amidst the financial disaster that a lot of Michigan residents are experiencing, Clayton had the audacity to tell the local NBC station WDIV:

“I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay,” she told local news WDIV. “I have two houses. I’m still struggling.”

Wow.  They are able to keep their food stamps because the welfare program does not honor lottery winnings as income.  They define them as “assets.”  Check out the report and see how Michigan legislators are planning to stop this from happening again.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. Just plain greedy, greedy, greedy. If these lottery winners would save/spend their money more wisely, they’d understand the value of a dollar.

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