Jokey Joke: Ratchet Girl? (Video)

The last time we had this guy on the site he was giving relationship advice for the hood.  This time, he’s going into the wicked realm of women and fashion.  Have you ever heard of a “ratchet girl”?  Well, in some region of the country that term is used to describe a woman who may not be as fashionably “put together” as she should be.

Emmanuel Hudson brings his brother Phillip along for this one as they attempt to define what they mean by the term ratchet girl.  Their animation is a show in itself, but it will most certainly get the point across.  For some reason, they put me in the mind of the two white girls that are talking at the beginning of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s video “Baby Got Back“.

Some of you may find them to be completely inaccurate, but some of you will laugh at yourself because you were doing this last night at the club.  Check them out!  Crazy!

-J.C. Brooks

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