8th Grader Harassed for Essay Comparing Education to Slavery

Jada Williams, 13, wrote an essay on Frederick Douglass' educational experience and how it parallels her own over 100 years later.

The education system in America gets a lot of criticism, so it’s ironic that one school would harass one of its brightest students for merely expressing her opinion on education from a learned perspective.  Apparently, the truth hurts.

According to the Black Youth Project, Jada Williams, 13,  is a student in an upstate New York school and she wrote an essay based on Frederick Douglass’ experiences for a contest.  In her essay, she was able to see a strong comparison between his time and today saying:

packing 30-40 students into a crowded classroom, and having mostly white teachers give them packets and pamphlets to complete that they don’t fully comprehend, impedes the learning process; and that this produces results similar to those hoped for by a slave master that forbids his slaves from learning how to read at all.”

The debate has raged for years on whether white teachers would be able to teach black students; especially given the history between the two.  Now she’s been harassed by the faculty to the point where the child had to leave the school.

Read her essay and watch the video report here.

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