White Supremist Hacks Tayvon Martin’s E-mails and Social Accounts

The Trayvon Martin case is sojourning forward and bringing forth a lot more cases like it.  But in the meantime, the Martin case is getting uglier by the minute as all types of evidence against the murderer George Zimmerman surface.  But, just as evidence against him surfaces, racists have come out of the woodwork to slander the victim. Continue reading

Police Kill Teenager and Blame Man that Called 911

Fake 911 call leads to the death of college student, Kendrec McDade, 19.

The world is finally seeing the travesty of all the crimes in America that are finally getting 15 minutes of national attention because of the Trayvon Martin case.  The inconsistencies between police reports and the facts are being brought to light in case after case after case.  The latest case out of Pasadena, Calif., resulted in the death of a teenage college student who was merely walking in the same area of a man that made a false 911 call. Continue reading

Women Descend on D.C. for ‘Get Radical Conference’!

Women that are building their businesses, starting businesses, or simply focusing on goals they’ve left behind for one reason or another, will descend on the Washington, D.C./Virginia area this weekend.  The ticket comes with some of the best organizers, financial experts, business women, and physical trainers in the country.

Doreen Rainey is the host and founder of The Radical Women’s Conference taking place in Reston, Va., March 30 – April 1, at the Hyatt Regency Reston outside Washington, D.C.  Her goal is to repair what has been broken or altered in women.   Continue reading

BlackBerry Can’t Keep Up; Waves White Flag to Other Companies

Remember the Two-Way?  Sky pager? Pagers?  Well, one of the originals of communication that managed to keep it going since then has had it.  They can’t seem to keep up with the androids and smartphones that manage to put out a newer model every two weeks. Continue reading

Nelson Mandela Archives Go Digital

Do you know Nelson Mandela?  Well, if you didn’t have much knowledge on the legendary South African leader and political prisoner, now is a perfect time to learn more.  This is the first time that this much information has been made available on his life.

Approximately 2,000 pieces of his history have been digitized for online consumption with help Continue reading

Woman Found Guilty in Another Butt Injections’ Case (Video)

Kimberly Medley, 45, arrested in D.C. for illegal butt and hip injections.

Women, and men, out here are desperately seeking the perfect assets.  They want the right eyelashes, lips, butt, breasts, and the list goes on.  Some are so desperate they are willing to risk their lives for their aesthetics to be just right.  The biggest draw is the big butt and hips.  Even after O’Neal Ron Morris went around filling women’s butts with Fix-A-Flat, women are still willing to take the cheapest route to enhancing their hind parts. Continue reading

Pastor Beats Woman’s Children for Acting Up in Church (Video)

There has always been a certain protocol set before leaving the house with grandma and/or mama when going to church.  “Don’t scuff those shoes kickin’ on the back of the pew!” “Don’t embarrass me makin’ all that noise and squirmin’ around during service!”  “If you have to go to the bathroom, you better do it now!” “And so help me Lord, if you say one thing about Sister Betty’s wig, I’m gonna knock you into the middle of next week!” Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Husband Stumps Blonde Wife with MPH Math Question (Video)

Husband stomps blonde wife with simple math question that goes viral on YouTube.

There are so many dumb blonde jokes out there that the man behind this video had to realize what this would look like.  ABC even aired the video of the couple and revealed that the wife didn’t appreciate being made a fool of with his silly video of her experiencing a little brain paralysis.

Here’s the scenario, a couple of married college students are on a road trip Continue reading