Ohio High School Shooter’s Creepy Facebook Posting Discovered (Video)

Chardon, Ohio, shooter, 17-year-old TJ Lane, is "not well" according to the Prosecutor.

By now, everyone has heard of the shocking shooting event that occurred in an Ohio high school last week.  Prosecutors said that despite all the rumors of bullying and drugs that are circulating the boy is simply “not well.”

Detroit radio station, WJLB, posted a copy of a Facebook posting the shooter put on his wall in December and it more than confirms the prosecution’s stance.  The shooter, TJ Lane, 17, lived with his grandfather and was clearly “troubled” when he took the lives of Chardon high school’s Demetrius Hewlin, 16, and Russell King Jr., 17, and Daniel Parmertor, 16.

The Facebook post starts with:

“In a time long since, a time of repent, The Renaissance. In a quaint lonely town, sits a man with a frown. No job. No family. No crown. His luck had run out. Lost and alone. The streets were his home. His thoughts would solely consist of “why do we exist?” His only company to confide in was the vermin in the street. He longed for only one thing, the world to bow at his feet. They too should feel his secret fear. The dismal drear. His pain had made him sincere. He was better than the rest, allthose ones he detests, within their castles, so vain. Selfish and conceited. They couldn’t care less about the peasents they mistreated. They were in their own world, it was a joyous one too. That castle, she stood just to do all she could to keep the peasents at bay, not the enemy away. They had no enemies in their filthy orgy. And in her, the castles every story, was just another chamber of Lucifer’s Laboratory. The world is a sandbox for all the wretched sinners. They simply create what they want and make themselves the winners. But the true winner, he has nothing at all. Enduring the pain of waiting for that castle to fall. Through his good deeds, the rats and the fleas. He will have for what he pleads, through the eradication of disease….”

It was found that Lane’s family members had dozens of legally-owned guns and Lane admitted taking one of them from his uncle. Another factor in this tragedy that should be changed is the , bussing regulations and schedules.  Lane was not a student at Chardon High School.  He was en route to a school for “at-risk” students and Chardon High is one terminal for busses dropping off and picking up students and delivering them to various schools.

Ohio has the death penalty, but because Lane is a minor he will not receive it, according to CBS Radio News legal analyst Andrew Cohen.  “The Supreme Court precluded that sentencing option for people who are under 18 when they murder.”

Read more details of the case here.

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