Is Liquid Plummer ‘Double Impact’ Ad Too Much Sex for Daytime TV (Video)

It seems the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is picking and choosing their fights on television.  They’ve put the smackdown on the language used on daytime talk shows and  what they call “family programming” like the Super Bowl. But, somehow, companies have been able to slide their commercials right past the regulation of the FCC.

The latest “slippage” would be Liquid Plummer’s Double Impact commercial.  According to a Facebook poll, some say they only saw the ad at night, so they didn’t think anything of its suggestive nature.  But, when I saw it at 9am while getting the kiddies off to school, an alarm went off immediately.

It appears that this particular ad is giving way to new programming for housewives in the morning.  They’ve lost a lot of their soaps, so maybe this is Liquid Plummer’s way of making up for the loss of sensuality in their daily television programming.  But, some may say, “Hey! This is a bit much for daytime television.” What do you think?  Check out the commercial below…and try not to enjoy! Stay objective!

-J.C. Brooks

The music version is not any better! Check the lyrics:

4 thoughts on “Is Liquid Plummer ‘Double Impact’ Ad Too Much Sex for Daytime TV (Video)”

  1. Love the unedited version. God forbid there’s a commercial out there that sexualizes men instead of women.

  2. No its not too sexy. Not w/ the even sexier images of women being displayed on a daily basis.

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