Detroit Teen Shoots Mother to Death, Cousin Supports Him (Video)

Joshua Smith, 14, and his mother Tamiko Smith, which he shot several times as she slept.

There’s always a situation where we want to judge before we know all the facts…and this would be one of them!  A child coming home and deciding that they will shoot their mother while she sleeps is enough to make anyone become judge and jury.  But the teen’s cousin is an insider who feels there is much more to the story.

Celicia Smith told Detroit’s Fox News that her little cousin, 14-year-old Joshua Smith is not “a straight up killer.”  Smith said that Joshua had been with her for the last four days playing video games at her house, but some would like people to believe otherwise:

“Everything everybody’s been talking about — he was joy riding, he was smoking, he was in a gang — you all are lying. He’s been with me.”

Joshua was a student at Detroit’s Kettering High School where he was in ROTC and on the swim team.  The victim, Tamiko Smith, was shot several times by her son as she slept.  Her brother, LeShaun Roberts said that she was very ill and the boy was tired of looking after her.

A 14-year old boy tired of looking after his mother?  That seems strange.  The entire story seems strange.  Hopefully, he will open up to authorities sooner than later.  His cousin is right. He’s a kid and he needs help and someone needs to get to the bottom of what really happened.  In the meantime, he’s in custody at juvenile detention center waiting to hear if he will be tried as an adult.

Check out the report.

-J.C. Brooks

Cousin Defending Detroit Boy Accused of Murdering His Mother:

3 thoughts on “Detroit Teen Shoots Mother to Death, Cousin Supports Him (Video)”

  1. what’s strange? that a mother would have her 14 year looking after her? (IMO yes). or the fact that the 14 yr old was tired of looking after her? (IMO that makes sense). why the hell didn’t her brother look after her instead? i mean. really? the shooting is bad, really bad, but as stated, the whole story is not known. sad.

  2. Where were the adult members of her family? A 14-year old shouldn’t be responsible for taking care of a sick adult? Why wasn’t she in the hospital? And where did this boy get a weapon? Who gave/sold it to him? Maybe one day the truth will be told.

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