BHM Spotlight: Longest Serving Airman Retires

Major General Alfred K. Flowers retires after 47 years of service in the Air Force and Department of Defense

The military will sorely miss one of its finest pilots and budget analysts for the Department of Defense.  The work ethic it takes to pull off something he was able to perform for nearly half the century is nearly unheard of today and would be admired in any profession.

Major General Alfred K. Flowers spent 47 years enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense.  That is the longest time in either division of military for any African American.  He has served in Vietnam, and most recently, held a seat at the Pentagon up until this past January when he retired.

During Vietnam, he was charged with one of the most horrible tasks of retrieving the dead and injured from the jungle at night.  He went on to complete his bachelor’s and master’s degrees and begin working with the Department of Defense budget division.  One of his colleagues and longtime friend Brig. Gen. Joseph Ward Jr., commandant of the Joint Forces Staff College, said:

“I fear that he will solely be remembered for having been the longest serving Airman…but those of us who served with him must keep the spirit alive…must continue to tell his story as he passes the torch. His simple and straight forward blueprint for success is something we can all learn from…a strong work ethic coupled with an earnest desire for self improvement and a genuine concern for others while maintaining a positive attitude…”

Read more on Maj. Gen. Alfred K. Flowers here. We salute you sir!

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