Jokey Joke: Jimmy Kimmel and Oprah After the Oscars Fight Club and More (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel had one of the most hilarious shows last night as he, somehow, got every mainstream actor on board for a comedy bonanza!  We are really not sure what to call it, but he got everyone to make a fool of themselves, but Oprah was indeed the showstopper of the night with her new OWN show (created by Jimmy Kimmel).

Please don’t believe that this will ever make it on her network, but it was wonderful watching her brawl in the proposed FIGHT CLUB BOOK CLUB!  She really showed herself to be a good sport in all of the shows that Kimmel introduced to her, but this performance should’ve garnered Oprah an Academy Award.  Congrats to Oprah on her honor with the 2011 Governor’s Awards at the Academy Awards along with James Earl Jones.

Check out Fight Club Book Club!  Let’s start a campaign to get this on OWN.  HILARIOUS!

-J.C. Brooks

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