Bill Maher Donates $1 Million to Obama Campaign Super PAC

Bill Maher offers $1 million to Obama Super PAC.

President Obama has never had a real problem making ends meet on the campaign trail.  In fact, he broke out the gate with millions of campaign dollars when the Republicans were still only pulling in Kool-Aid money in comparison.  

In June 2011 or the second quarter of campaign fundraising, the total money for his campaign and PAC totaled $86 million while his naysaying republican nemesis’s like, Mitt Romney-who was a front runner at the time–only raised $18.25 million in the quarter, Tim Pawlenty, raised $4.2 million. Jon M. Huntsman Jr., raised $4.1 million, including about $2 million from himself.

But now one of the President’s SUPER PAC’s are under performing and Bill Maher–one of the President’s biggest supporters–wants to come to the rescue with a $1 million donation to the SUPER PAC, Priorities USA Action.  This SUPER Pac just made it to nearly $60,000 while all of the republicans are doing millions.  Surely, this will be fixed in the months ahead.  But, with the bottomlesss budget that candidates can take in now due to the Supreme Court ruling in 2010, we may see Obama get nasty … for a change.

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-J.C. Brooks

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