Ohio School Pays Students to Attend School

There’s a lot of alternatives schools and/or charter schools trying to take up where our public schools have fallen off.  But there’s a school that has tried everything they can to get their student body to not only show up, but behave when they’re in school.  Surprisingly, the only thing that worked was to decide to pay the students.

The Dohn Community High School, is an alternative charter school in Cincinnati, Ohio, that is a sort of “last chance” school where they make the final attempt to turn around the lives of students that have dropped out for various reasons.  Their financial incentive program for the students started this week.

According to the Huffington Post, “they pay seniors $25 weekly and underclassmen $10 weekly in Visa gift cards for showing up to class every day, being on time and behaving in school.”  They are finding the program necessary because 90 percent of their students live in poverty and less than 20 percent come from two-parent households.  Not only that, they only held a 14 percent graduation rate.

The motivation was absent from the students.  Those interviewed in the report talk about the money being great to have because “kids were going through” so much.  Check out the report here.  Do you think it’s a good idea?  Would you send your child to the school?

-J.C. Brooks

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