Georgia Rep. Fights Abortion Bills with ‘Anti-Vasectomy Act’ (Video)

Georgia Rep. Yasmin Neal and other democrats introduced Anti-Vasectomy Act in Georgia's House of Representatives Wednesday, February 22, 2012.

A lot of women were happy with the legislation produced yesterday that finally attempts to regulate the use of men’s bodies and their decisions surrounding procreation just as legislation has attempted to do for women.  The statement this legislation makes is fundamental to the argument of abortion rights.

Wednesday, Georgia Representative Yasmin Neal introduced an ingenious response to the abortion legislation  that will prevent Georgia women from having the ability to get an abortion after they are more than 20 weeks pregnant.  The new legislation being presented by Neal and Georgia’s House Democrats regarding reproductive rights would prohibit men from receiving vasectomies that leave “thousands of children … deprived of birth.”

Republicans view bill HB1116 as a slight to the abortion bill’s importance, but it is pertinent to the understanding of the limitations placed on the rights of women to govern what is inherently their own; their bodies!

Neal told CNN:

“If we legislate women’s bodies, it’s only fair that we legislate men’s,” said Neal, who said she wanted to write bill that would generate emotion and conversation the way anti-abortion bills do. “There are too many problems in the state. Why are you under the skirts of women? I’m sure there are other places to be.”

Check her out here!  A standing ovation is in order.

-J.C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “Georgia Rep. Fights Abortion Bills with ‘Anti-Vasectomy Act’ (Video)”

  1. I Love it!!!!! Thats right it tkes two to tango!!! so lets make the men just as responsible these men have been telling women what their rights are for eenturies!

  2. I live in California but I think all states Democrats should put something similar to this bill out there. I think the message that you are trying to display is great and I hope that those who are ignorant can understand that this is about a woman’s right to choose rather than a governments right to decide for her.

  3. I agree! Condoms should also be illegal, as they too “leave thousands of children … deprived of birth.” Infact; let’s just outlaw everything I find offensive or unneeded.

    Just kidding. That would be a foolish idea. Why should male’s have to suffer for the actions of a few? It isn’t men that are pushing any “abortion bills”, it’s your Senators and elected sell-out’s. I don’t see how this is a victory to women, or to anyone for that matter. If Georgia accepts this bill, and wishes to have its little morals, then it needs to prepare some serious programmes for the next decade, as pregnancy rates will rise dramatically and there will be alot of poor, hungry, and uncared for children left in the states care. But look at the bright side. You managed to “get even” with “men”. To even compare vasectomy’s with abortions is the most absurd thing I have ever seen.

    I didn’t like how the Dog dug holes in my yard, and my cat didn’t like it earthier. So I removed my Dog’s claws so that my cat wouldn’t feel disadvantaged by my Dog. He feels sad, but my cat is happy, so the ends justify the means.

    Melissa. So because you elect poor Senatorial choices, men should have their freedom to their own body’s removed? Ridiculous. You have so many Homeless people out there, so many children without a Home and people in dire need and distress and you are too busy initiating new legislation in some attempt to have a gender-war by removing each others freedoms. Constitution states that you should have the right to your own body, regardless of gender. It’s great to see that we have once again chosen to ignore the Constitution.

    @redbone1954. So you want men’s right to protection from impregnating their wife to be removed because people in the 1300’s would stone women? It’s 2012. Nobody today is alive to remember the injustice caused to women.

  4. LOVE IT! I am so happy to see Representative Yasmin Neal taking a stand for women. I don’t need or want anyone telling me what’s right for my body. Voting on issues such as birth control pills and abortion makes it seem as if women don’t have a mind to make the right decisions for themselves.
    If people think they should have a right to tell women what they should do with their bodies then it should be Ok for people to vote on issues important to men’s health.
    I just heard today that they’re working on birth control for men. I wonder if these groups are going to make a big stink about that. What about viagra? Maybe we should have a choice on whether men should be allowed to use that.

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