Best Buy Shows Naughty Images on TV’s in S.C. Store

When going to any store with a television department it is expected that the latest family movie will be playing or maybe even a sporting event to show off the clarity of the television.  But, some customers in South Carolina are not entertained by what they saw on televisions in a local electronics store.

Now, we’re going to give the reported story, but there may be a feeling of “Ummmmhuh. Yeah right!” once you hear the explanation for this “mistake” that occurred in a Greenville, South Carolina, Best Buy.  Gloria Berg, her son and her grandchildren, had stopped by the store and were shocked by pornographic images of a man and a woman on all of their televisions.

Well, an infuriated Berg was told by a manager, after he was able to get the images off of their televisions, that their Wi-Fi system had been hacked.  But Berg felt that his response was disturbing:

“They, like, brush it off like it’s…who cares?” Berg told News Channel 7. “Nobody cares. It’s pornography. And we are getting adjusted to that kind of mentality. That’s why we are losing our morals.”

But, the incident is a part of a larger problem with workplace pornography.  Which one of you thought an employee “hacked” the system with their private collection?  According to the Huffington Post, in 2010, “at least 31 employees at the Securities and Exchange Commission, a federal agency tasked with regulating the securities industry, had spent hours viewing pornographic websites at work around the time of the 2008 financial crisis.”

With that example, what employer is immune to their employees sneaking porn throughout the day?  If the SEC couldn’t regulate their own, there’s no telling what else goes on at the Best Buy.  Read the full report here.

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