Ethics Case Against Maxine Waters Loses Steam as Panelists Step Down

Maxine Waters

Politicians are surrounded by those who would whisper promises of enormous fortunes to merely support them and their corporations.  The politicians that don’t fall prey to these lobbyists are few and far between.  The money that surrounds politicians is plentiful and has numerous sources.  For instance, President Obama’s bailout money.

The President’s bank bailout was not celebrated by most and one case of unethical behavior sprung up against Maxine Waters.   She has been investigated for the last two years on chargesthat she allocated funds to a minority bank where her husband is an investor.  During this investigation, there hasn’t been any signs of foul play on her behalf, according to the And that may have been the reason both republicans and democrats reportedly stepped down from the investigating panel Friday.

All five republicans on the House committee and the ranking democrat all walked away from the investigation.  The report states that they didn’t want any further questioning into their “impartiality” toward the case.  But, doesn’t it seem strange that if nothing has come up in the last two years, it might be safe to say THERE’S NOTHING THERE.

They have already replaced those that stepped down though and the investigation is moving forward.  Strange, right?  Read more here.

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