Runaway’s Bones Found in Home of Rapist After Demolition

The remains of Nicholle Coppler were found earlier this month after she had gone missing 13 years ago.

There are so many families waiting to hear that their loved one has been found that most don’t care whether it is dead or alive in order to feel closure.  Of course, most would want to hear that they are alive, but families are also comforted by recovering their child and possibly being able to bring their attacker to justice.  

The lid flew off a cold case in Ohio, Saturday, when a 14-year old runaway’s bones were found in a home being demolitioned by the city of Lima, according to CBS’ Crimesider.  Nicholle Coppler ran away in 1999 and was never seen again.  A rapist, Glenn Fryer, had been seen with the girl at his home where two others were known to live with him.  Unfortunately, he killed himself in 2002, while awaiting trial for a a girl he raped, so he cannot be brought to justice.

Coppler’s remains were found in a crawl space while the foundation was being ripped apart.  The dental records verified the body as the runaway’s.  The police said they will be re-opening the case as a homicide.

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-J.C. Brooks

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