‘No Tags’ Vanity Plate Gets Man $20K in Tickets (Video)

Danny White of D.C. stands next to his vehicle with the infamous tag, "NO TAGS".

If you’ve ever had a vanity plate on your vehicle you try to go all out to be unique, right?  Some of the plates that come to mind are GR8FUL, NVME, ON TYM, L8R, etc.  Well one guy was simply trying to keep up with the “unique” factor and, well, to say it didn’t work out is an understatement.

Danny White of D.C. chose “NO TAGS” as his vanity plate 25 years ago.  Over that time, he has racked up quite a bill using the unusual tag.  Every time a meter maid or cop writes a ticket for a car with no plates, guess who gets the citation?  You guessed it! Danny White.

He is not interested in changing his tags because he would have to pay to change them. He feels that the District should just get their system together.  He is unable to renew his license and registration because of the ordeal.  See the report below to find out what the city is willing to do about this mess.  Read more here about this issue and how it has affected other drivers around the country.  One athlete has “SAUCED” on his plate…you don’t wanna know!

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “‘No Tags’ Vanity Plate Gets Man $20K in Tickets (Video)”

  1. Well, talk about mistaken identities? Im confused how this even occurs. Are they entering the information in the wrong fields? I really wish someone would get blamed for my citations.. is there a “DPE XXXX” box somewhere..?

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