Jeremy Lin Pleads with Press to Leave His Family Alone

The New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin has become an overnight NBA phenom and his family back in Taiwan has been bombarded by menacing media attention.

Since the New York Knicks had the good sense to pull a “secret weapon” off the bench a couple weeks ago, the media has been in a frenzy to find out more about the new basketball wonder.  Where has he been hiding all this time anyway?  Or is the choice of who plays a political choice?

Whatever the case might be, Jeremy Lin has been the center of attention (some of it racist) since he led the Knicks to a win against the Dallas Mavericks.  But, Lin’s one desire now is for reporters to leave his family in Taiwan alone.  He is the first American-born Taiwanese player in the NBA and the media and paparazzi is trying to find out as much as they can about the Harvard graduate.

But, his 85-year old grandmother and other family members in Taiwan did not sign on for the overnight stardom Lin is experiencing.  Yahoo! Sports reported Lin making this plea:

“The special request I have is for the media back in Taiwan to give (my family) space, because they can’t even go to work without being bombarded, without people following them,” Lin said at Madison Square Garden.

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  1. ughhhh, the privacy act? So we find out ….now what? I think someone needed a get away at the companies expense..

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