White Grandfather Arrested for Walking with Black Grandaughter

Scott Henson and his 5-year old granddaughter, Ty.

I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again, race relations in America are about the same as they were 50 years ago.  Even as we see interracial marriages and relationships on the rise, every now and then, we get evidence of that fact.   This appears to be one of those times.

The police in Austin, Texas, immediately acted like Mississippi cops in the 1960’s when they reacted to a white man walking with a little black girl. Immediately, they jumped to action to get the girl away from the white man.  They say they thought that the little girl was a part of an abduction that was reported over their radio.

Scott Henson is a former journalist who blogs about the criminal justice system on his site “Grits for Breakfast”.  He said he tried to tell the officers that the little girl, Ty, was his granddaughter. No one would listen to him and verify the numbers he gave them.

They put Henson in cuffs and grabbed up the little girl, waited and let them go.  I guess Austin police are in a sort of racial catch 22 here.  If they had not responded to the situation in this way, we would be outraged that the white man got away with the little girl, but because Henson describes being handled like a criminal in an innocent situation it looks as though he’s being discriminated against.  But for some reason, I don’t see him getting an attorney anytime soon.

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-J.C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “White Grandfather Arrested for Walking with Black Grandaughter”

  1. Sad and disgraceful.The department owes an apology to the family as well as the public for whom they represent.This man without common sense carries a gun?

  2. And if this were a black man hassled, Jesse Jackson would be shittin’ Oprah bricks all over the place.

  3. What if this was a white man who had really kidnapped a little black girl? The police would’ve gotten to them before anyone else.

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