Walmart Gets Big Naked Surprised in Pa. Store (Video)

We have shown you some interesting individuals that walk into Walmart stores all over the nation claiming they are human, but exhibit extraterrestrial behavior.  The store’s latest alien came in the form of a booga bear!

What grown ass man gets butt naked in the parking lot of an Exton, Pa., Walmart, walks in and goes straight to customer service…again…butt butterball naked, and takes a pair of socks, puts them on and goes shopping? According to Philadelphia’s local NBC affiliate, 32-year old Verdon Lamont Taylor, that’s who!

This fool is not some little fella that might go somewhat unrecognized, this was a big burly 6’4, 300-pound man!  He didn’t have anything on walking throughout the store and people were trying to avoid him.  But how do you avoid this big ass man?  He probably traumatized everyone who saw him.  I’m detested watching the video.

Police tasered him and hustled him to the ground as he resisted and spit in one of the officer’s faces. Check him out for yourself.

-J.C. Brooks

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