Pissed 1-800-Flowers Customers Cry Foul on Twitter and Facebook

What if you placed an order with a florist two solid weeks before the date you wanted them sent and they still did not get there?  Or maybe they got there, but the flowers were wilted and sitting in a cracked vase and instead of almonds they gave your significant other cashews.  How would you feel? Like hurting somebody right?

Well, 1-800-Flowers missed their biggest business day of the year, Valentine’s Day.  Theyeither failed to deliver their orders or messed  them up so bad that the customer was ashamed that the recipient received it.  One guy’s girlfriend asked if her wilted orchids that showed up at her job were a joke.

Hundreds of customers were unable to get any help from customer service, so they took to the next best thing…social media.  They took to the florist’s Facebook page as well as Twitter.  Many saw their comments removed and that sent them to Twitter for recourse.

And that’s only a few!  Check them out here. Did you get your flowers on time?

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