Man Has Heart Attack at Vegas’ ‘Heart Attack Grill’ (Video)

This is the craziest case of irony ever!  It’s equivalent to being at the Heartbreak Hotel with your honey and he goes out to get ice and never comes back.  What is the odds of that happening?  Has it happened to you?

Well, everyone that walks into a restaurant in Las Vegas called the Heart Attack Grill take their chances.  Who doesn’t want to try them out when they see that name.  They know they’re going to get the most graviest, butteriest, sweetest, richest grub of all time.  For instance, their menu features items like the butterfat milkshake  and four different burgers, rated from bypass to quadruple bypass burger.  And the icing on the cake? If you’re over 350 pounds, you EAT FREE!!

The employees all have fake medical titles.  There’s waitress nurses and the owner is Doctor Jon Basso.  But they showed how fake those titles were when one of their customers went into cardiac arrest.  “Nurse” Bridgett told Fox 5:

“I actually felt horrible for the gentleman because the tourists were taking photos of him as if it were some type of stunt. Even with our own morbid sense of humor, we would never pull a stunt like that,” Bosso told Fox5. “He was sweating, suffering. Anyone with an ounce of compassion would’ve felt for him.”

He survived the heart attack, but surely that will be his last trip to this place.  He just put them on the map!  He’s an advertisement now:

“Don’t mess with the Heart Attack Grill, they mean business!”

Wow! I better not see this guy up on a billboard with this catch phrase next to it.  And if any of you see it, let them know I want my cut!

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-J.C. Brooks

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